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North End Noise: 2019 (Issues 1 & 2)

North End Noise: 2019 (Issues 1 & 2)

$ 8.00

North End Noise  - a zine on north end supporters culture...then, now, next. 

In the long tradition of north end zines like AXE TO THE HEAD and WHIPSAW, North End Noise is a traditional black/white, photocopied zine, encompassing the unique and multifaceted qualities of north end culture. Rooted in our history but looking ahead, this 20-24 page zine is produced by the Booked Library and Literary Project and brought to you via the creative minds and unique perspectives of our page contributors covering all manner of north end culture...RCR, TA, T2, near, afar, fiction, fun, art, and a few surprises. $1 from each issue purchased will go to a community-based nonprofit.

Issue #1 will be distributed June 1 with issue #2 to arrive before December 31. By subscribing you will receive all issues for a year - 2 issues in 2019.

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