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Spread The Love- Harper's Playground in Marshall Park

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Announcing Harpers Playground / Spread the Love Scarf and Patch Fundraiser


“The Timbers Army is a force for good!”  These are the words I can recall hearing MANY times over 10 years ago when I started spending a lot of time with Timber Jim Serrill.  It was Jim who decided that the first Harper’s Playground should receive the blessing of “The Army” and it was he who pushed for a scarf to help raise funds.  It was the Timbers inaugural season in the MLS, and the Army stepped up.  $25,000 was raised through that first scarf, and over another $75,000 has been raised through the sales of 3 more collaborative scarves.  


I am delighted to share the news here that we have a new projectand a new scarf and patch.  This is our biggest and best playground design, and the scarf is as special as it has ever been.  I believe this is the first scarf, outside the Northern Alliance,focused on Vancouver, WA?  I know this is special as it combines elements from Harper’s Playground, Jim’s “Spread The Love” mantra, The Axes & Rose, The Vancouver Fire Fighters crest and it looks really, REALLY cool!


Harper’s Playground is all about inclusion, and so is the 107IST.  We share a vision of a world where everyone feels welcome, everywhere.  Except for racists and homophobes and people filled with hate.  Those people need to change first, then they are welcome.  We agree on this.  In partnership, we have developed this special scarf dedicated to helping create a special space in Vancouver, WA, at Marshall Park, that will welcome everyone and celebrate everyone’s unique abilities.  All abilities.  All ages.  Everyone.  


I’m incredibly humbled by these 10 years of support and I hope that everyone will want one of these scarves and will maybe buy two, one for themselves and one for a friend.  Spread the love, right!?  We will raise $1.5 million in the next year, and these scarves will be an important part of that.  They will help raise much needed $ and they will help raise awareness for the need for more inclusive places.  


Thanks to the 107IST, to Timber Jim, to The Vancouver Firefighters Union, the No Pity Originals team and thanks to everyone who will be buying and waving the latest Spread The Love Scarf at Providence soon!



Fundraiser details

All net proceeds will be donated directly to Harpers Playground to benefit the Marshall Park project.
Ways to support
o Scarf
o Scarf 5 Pack


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